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Einar 321
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Einar 321 ...When the song slows down and starts building up momentum, before it resumes it's ferocity. Album is also well paced out with instrumental pieces between the attacks. Favorite track: Traição.
I put the palm of my hands on top of my eyes So I can see the immense dark black velvet And finally be able to look inside It’s like my eyes are rolling back And I can dive into myself I can feel the air in my lungs The movement of my ribs My chest going up and down My rib cage expanding in all directions All the bones of my skeleton The movements indicate that I’m alive So I’m aware of what’s happening In my body and in my mind My tongue massages the inside of my mouth Slowly and carefully Slowly and carefully Like someone that’s painting the roof of a house On the second floor of that house in my skull Is the home of my two eyes Each one has a special room Just in front of my brain I let my eyes float in their cradle in my head They don’t need to work as hard as they can They learn with my hands how to be present and still I’m aware of the infinite dark black velvet I can finally rest in the dark black velvet The dark black velvet Pacify my eyes, my mind The dark black velvet
She was released Inside of the ring Abused, confused With eyes seeing red Betrayed by the ones Who once she has fed They gloat and rejoice Hungry for death Keen for her blood To fulfill the scene Her crossness explode As she brainless speed Striking the skull Against the old bricks Cracking one horn She now chews the blood Swallowing the pain She strives to escape The ones on the bedlam Dislike what they see She’s hard as a rock And can keep the horns up With her feet on the ground Now she knows what to do Flies over the wall It’s time to revenge Cowards screaming She drills one by one Trespassing their flesh With the dagger of stone
Feral Child 02:29
Child of the sun Raised by the beasts Bold innocence He has no fear Feral child His long mane of gold The claws and the fangs King of his world Blood on his hands Feral child He knows no evil No good and no sin Freedom to live By the pulse of his heat Visions of fire Ablaze victory Splendor of light That’s the tongue that he speaks Feral child
Traição 03:29
I open my eyes and I can stare at you I’m not afraid of your light I see the purple rays that emanate From the magnificent disc In between the branches and the leaves It’s wonderful to see you rising And going to sleep You made me see clearly So I’m grateful for the rest of my life I play with your reflex on the surface of the water Staring at the sun Some people get blind by your light Someday we all shall see it And be charged by your pure electrical power My eyes are the doors From where I receive your abundant force Pure light from the eternal sun Staring at the sun
Cloudy morning at quarter past ten My brother at my door to talk to me To bring me instructions he got from a far Missing his breath, jabbering in speed Frantic hands revolving the air It’s like he’s strumming invisible strings With notes and sounds of an impossible tune I can’t understand what he struggles to teach After some time it starts to adjust My senses polluted and I thought it was me I open my eyes and the sky now is clear I can hear the music that he plays within He says “Please be brave and walk carefully As the jackals are rambling And snakes now have wings Frankly I beg you to stay by my side ‘Cause the clouds make the rain Not the trees as you dream”
Manso ele chega, rindo a disfarçar Em sua casa é tratado como fosse um irmão Mas rápido é fácil de identificar O que fala é só asneira, é só bajulação Diz que te apoia e pede pra você assinar Inventa altas estórias sem rumo ou função Seu papel sem força ele pode queimar A verdade é que desses não vale a atenção Não dá pra confiar A gente dá corda pra ver aonde ele vai Se enrola, se enrola e não dá solução Assim claramente sua máscara cai O que fala é só bosta, é só bajulação Não dá pra confiar
Perversão 02:06
O invasor chega sorrateiramente O sentinela o observa em silêncio O invasor se acha esperto e que sabe o que faz O sentinela consegue ver muito além das aparências O invasor tenta invadir o território proibido para ele O sentinela sem pestanejar age com força e precisão Um golpe é suficiente para decepar a cabeça Do verme maldito que estrebucha no chão Como uma serpente ferida Morre e nunca mais vai andar onde não lhe condiz Decepado e esquartejado
Um demônio de olhos verdes Altamente underground Procurando no lixo Caveira de animais Fazendo rituais Que ecoam em seus sonhos Sonhos de sons E visões de integridade Com tinta na sua pele Demônios, Ozzy e o ossos da mão Bateria porrada, com detestação Dois rios de whisky injetados nas veias Mantém o fogo nos olhos Puro sangue de nordestino Recebendo as águas tão difíceis de carregar Traduzindo mensagens do além Distorcidas pelas cabeças de merda Que controlam as crianças que virão “Foda-se o seu deus Foda-se o seu cristo Foda-se o seu modo de vida” Vestido com a sua armadura De manhã bem cedo, domingo Quando o sol raiava na chuva O guerreiro faz o último sacrifício


released November 5, 2021

Bode Preto - Goat Spells

Josh Krigg - Vocals/Guitars
Rodrigo Magalhães - Bass/Vocals*
Adelson Souza - Drums

All songs written by Josh and Adelson.
All lyrics by Josh, except lyrics and
vocals for "Traição" and "Perversão" by Rodrigo.

Drums and guitars recorded by Alexei Leão at AML Studio,
Florianópolis, SC - Brazil, October, 2016.

Double bass, extra guitars and vocals,
recorded at Atlantis Studio,
Teresina, PI - Brazil, May and June, 2021.

Rodrigo’s vocals recorded by João Santos at audioLab Studio, Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil, September 2019.

Mixed and mastered by Ajeet Gill
at Hellfire Studios, Birmingham - UK, June 2021.

Produced by Josh Krigg.

Front cover artwork detail of Vuelo de Brujas (Witches’ Flight)
by Francisco Goya (30/03/1746 - 16/04/1828).

Layout and inner sleeve artwork
by Rubens Snitram for Azoth Artworks.

Logo by Alemsahim.

Photos by Natália Miranda, Endrew Stepan, Manuella Pelegrinello, Gustavo Dogo, Igor Arruda.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters and specially everyone involved on the production of this album.

℗ & © 2021 Zeekingztar Records.


all rights reserved



BODE PRETO Teresina, Brazil

Official BODE PRETO bandcamp.

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